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We offer creative organizational development

Neemo™ is an inclusive photography-based facilitation method for improving organizational culture and strategy.

We know that we are at our best when being curious to discover new things about our work, ourselves and those around us. Our mission is to bring creativity and curiosity to everyday use and to the core of human interaction and to find higher purpose at work.

Neemo’s creative approach helps you to build innovative and aligned organizations where people collaborate with each other.

We believe in purpose and meaningfulness. This is why we want to inspire and engage you to dig deeper into your hidden knowledge. We help you to hone your creativity, empathy and leadership skills to reach your full potential.

Picture your future with us – and bring out the best in everyone!

Creative Neemo method workshop discussion in a small group


“We saved hundreds of hours of work by outlining our future in only six hours with Neemo.”

Timo Kärkkäinen, CEO, UIT

“Neemo deepened the strategic thinking process and helped us to understand the diversity of our team.”

Pekka Vähäkangas, Deputy Mayor, City of Kuopio

“Neemo helped us to see out-of-the-box and fostered collaboration within our new team.”

Marja-Leena Laitinen, Business Advisor, BusinessKuopio
“Everyone is creative”
Nanna Hänninen, Founder & CEO of Neemo™ Method


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