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Unique, Profound and Creative

Neemo is the world’s first photography-based Method for facilitating business development.

The Neemo Method is deployed in workshops by certified Neemo coaches. It is an accessible, immediate way to develop leadership, strategy and values, branding, and corporate culture.

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"I believe that everybody can be creative in their work."
Nanna Hänninen, Founder & CEO

Fun, Engaging Workshops

In Neemo workshops, teams use their instinctual creativity, along with the most widely used means of communication today - taking photos.

A visual dialogue through photography helps teams to communicate and arrive at new, innovative ideas – and all as the result of a fun and engaging process.

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Becoming a Certified Neemo Coach

Working in business development and looking for a better way to serve your clients?

Neemo coach-certificate training is available all around the world. After completing the program, you become a certified Neemo coach and can help your clients with our unique tools.

For licensed coaches we offer biannual trainings, coaching feedback and a Neemo manual to help you to plan and facilitate Neemo workshops.

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"My understanding of the meaning, value and power of the visual arts have grown to a new level through Neemo training and the Neemo Method."
Jenni Backholm, Neemo Coach

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