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Neemo is a family

Neemo practitioners are forerunners in creative thinking who value the artistic dimension to their work. We welcome business development professionals to join our family. We offer Neemo Method coach-certificate training for business people, facilitators and coaches – we want to help you to help your clients better.

» Neemo coach training program 2019 schedule

Neemo coach training – lectures, workshops and on-line studies

Neemo coach training is truly a hands on – learning by doign experience. With Neemo Master coach you’ll learn how to talk about art and how to succesfully implement artistic thinking into business. You’ll get all the necessary tools that help you to get more clients and hold a succesful Neemo Method workshops.

Neemo coach training consists of Neemo Master coach lectures, workshops with other trainees and on-line studies. Altogether, training will take 4-6 days, depending on your own schedule. We will provide all necessary learning materials.

After completing your coach training, you will be evaluated by a Neemo Master coach. After successful evaluation, you will be a certified Neemo coach and eligible for a Neemo coach licence. As a licenced Neemo coach, you can independently facilitate your own Neemo Method workshops.

Neemo coach training goals are

  • You will have a deeper understanding of artistic thinking and better self knowledge
  • You will know how to use photographic art in fasilitating process
  • You know how to utilize Neemo workshop platform
  • You know how to design and hold an inspirational lecture, which is an essential part of the Neemo Method workshop
  • You can facilitate a Neemo Method workshop independently
  • You know how to build a good customer outcome
  • You know how to get more sales after the workshop

After succesful evaluation with a real client you will get a Neemo Method certificate and are eligible to apply for a Neemo coach license.

» Neemo coach training program 2019 schedule

Why choose the Neemo coach licence?

As a licenced Neemo coach, you will have access to the Neemo platform and will receive your own Neemo coach manual which will help you to design and facilitate workshops, and create a the roadmap and next steps for your client. The platform also contains Neemo unique archive of photographic art and stories. These photographs are categorised to help you to design your own inspirational lectures and workshop content. You will receive support and feedback from your personal Neemo Master coach at every stage along the way.

The Neemo Method license allows you to use Neemo Method brand in your own marketing and gives you a new and exciting way to facilitate workshops for you clients. Neemo Family will also continually help you to improve your own work and add more sales after the workshops.

Neemo Method license is based on annual and workshop based licensing fees.

Neemo family

All licensed coaches are part of Neemo Family. As a family member you will be part of active and supporting community, helping you to keep up your professional value. Neemo will provide educational newsletters, additional training sessions and up to date -workshop material.

You are also welcomed to Neemo family meetings that are held regularly. There you can reflect on your work with other licenced Neemo coaches, receive helpful peer support and educate yourself more about Neemo and creative facilitating. We look forward to welcoming you into the fold.

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"Although I work in an artistic environment, with different kinds of artists – and I am an artist of sorts myself – my understanding of the meaning, value and power of the visual arts have grown to a new level through Neemo training and the Neemo Method. Interaction, its quality and meaning have gained much more focus in my thinking and also in my work as a CEO. The levels of interaction one can reach through the Neemo Method are mostly new territory for me. The Neemo Method can very quickly create an equal, trusting and open atmosphere within a group, in which interaction becomes naturally and feels safe. This also happens even among previously unacquainted persons. I will next use the Neemo Method to help two merging companies to find a mutually acceptable strategy and mission after their merger."
Timo Kärkkäinen, Neemo Coach