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Neemo Coaches:

Nanna Hänninen

Neemo Master Coach
I am a conceptual photographic artist, and my 20 years long international career as professional artist has helped me to create Neemo™ Method. As a coach I inspire people to bring their best and the hidden potential for organisational and personal use. I love being an artist, facilitator and Neemo™ Master Coach.

+358 40 5109236

Neemo coach Sanna-Liisa Kiiskinen

Sanna-Liisa Kiiskinen

Neemo coach
Creative thinking and working creatively have fascinated me for many years. These things drove me into becoming a Neemo Coach.
Neemo™ Method gives endless possibilities to develop, analyze and coach people as well as organisations towards better future. My key strenghts as a coach are openmindless for new ideas, invigorating touch and optimistic attitude to problem solving. There is always a solution, if we want to find it.

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Neemo coach Merja Vehvilainen

Merja Vehviläinen

Neemo coach, Savonia
I have worked in the Hospitality Industry for twenty years, recently in managerial positions. Customer satisfaction and service development are very important to me. Currently I work as a Lecturer of Service Business at Savonia University of Applied Sciences.
Neemo is an engaging and inspiring tool and photographic art helps people to express themselves better. I love to bring my students into the world of Neemo™. The power of imagery is enormous.

Neemo coach Johanna Wahlbeck

Johanna Wahlbeck

Neemo coach, Oivallamme
I am an Art Philosopher (MA), Art Therapist, Supervisor, Product Developer and Entrepreneur from Helsinki, Finland.
I am specialized in using and teaching art methods and on the other hand contemporary art. I am also a doctoral student in the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, in the subject of Art Education.
As a Neemo™ Coach I can combine my skills as an art and well-being expert.

Neemo coach Kari Voutila

Kari Voutila

Neemo coach
I am a serial entrepreneur and a board professional, also Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board at Neemo™. I have a remarkable track record in media business and with start ups. My passion is to help companies organizations in growth, sales and strategy. Besides AI, I believe in Human Intelligence.

+358 400 671 479

Neemo coach Timo Karkkainen

Timo Kärkkäinen

Neemo coach
I am a professional manager in theatre and show business and a musical director. I have a long experience in leading different personalities and this is a what I believe is my key strength as a Neemo™ coach.

Neemo coach Jenni Backholm

Jenni Backholm

Neemo coach
I am an experienced product management and business development professional with long experience in leading international teams. I have built several products into successful global businesses. I am a Neemo Coach who thrives to sharpen the product strategy and bring the team together to drive the common goal. I am very passionate mentor and love helping individuals and especially female engineers to grow and reach their goals. I am based in the Silicon Valley, California.

Kathleen Stender-Theuring

Neemo Coach
I am an experienced coach and a consult. My goal is to help clients to work out a clear, succinct mission and vision for their services/products as foundation for a successful business. I am based in the Silicon Valley, California.

Susanne Hämäläinen

Neemo Coach
I have worked in the health care Industry for over twenty years, also as manager in elderly care home. Customer satisfaction and service development are very important to me. Right now I’m working as a Project Manager Pohjois-Savon DigiSote at Savonia University of Applied Sciences. I love Neemo™ Method because it engages and motivates everybody 100%.

Mari Argillander

Neemo coach
I am full of new ideas to be shared and further develop with others. I work at the University of Eastern Finland as well as at the Finland University. My work concentrates on international cooperation, and sales.I focus on problem solving, co-evolution and co-planning in multidisciplinary teams.
Neemo™ Method offers me a concrete tool to offer equal space to all stake holders. It allows us to use art as a conversation opener and it helps me to build bridges over cultural, sociocultural, language-related and hidden assumption barriers.

+358 41 438 5733‬

Maarit Tiililä

Neemo coach
I am an Executive Coach (PCC) and a board professional. My passion is to support leaders to stay focused, connected and resourceful in transitions. My expertise is founded on over a decade of experience in human resource management, executive management teams and vocational teaching. Neemo™ Method brings out the huge potential within all of us and that’s what we need to build our future success together.

+358 40 516 3321‬

Carina Oskarsson

Neemo coach
I am a Brand Identity designer with long experience from building brand identities from the inside. I am especially interested in the complexity big companies deals with every day.
Ever since I started practicing design I wanted to do more than just work with surface. Connecting content and culture with company expression led me to a passion for creative methods as a tool for business development, cultural change and for moving humanity forward. Neemo™ Method is really a great tool for that.

‭+1 (408) 680-3019‬

Anssi Leskinen

Neemo coach
My work background is in the hospitality and service industry, mainly in manager positions. Both personal and organizational development are things I consider interesting as gateways to new, better things.
My masters thesis is about art-based methods in organizational development, so I have a belief in the value of art for organizations and for the people that they are made of. Neemo is an excellent and cutting-edge method for artful development.

‭+358 44 070 0765‬

Eeva Aromaa

Neemo coach
I have worked as a researcher for fifteen years in different institutions, also in human resource management in the industry. Currently, I’m working as a project researcher at the University of Eastern Finland. My PPhD deals with the role of emotions as soft power in sensemaking processes in the context of small innovative businesses. My research interests cover topics such as circular economy and entrepreneurship as well. In academia, I have been teaching innovation management research and qualitative research courses. My passion for art and visuality as a driver for seeing new opportunities inspired me into becoming a Neemo Coach.

+358 50 037 9717