Why Neemo?

Making the world of business a better place through photographic art

People all over the world take and share billions of photographs daily – it’s one of our most common methods of communication and daily entertainment.

The unique concept behind Neemo takes inspiration from this – why not develop a business development tool based on this activity we are all so familiar and comfortable with?

The Neemo Method is used in workshops where teams communicate and share their ideas and emotions with photographs taken by themselves. Workshops are fun, creative and profound.

The Neemo Method helps you to:

  • foster open communication
  • strengthen teams
  • improve leadership
  • create a great corporate culture
  • provide excellent products and services

Neemo products

Neemo has five products that tackle the most common problems in businesses and organisations. Neemo coach will select one and tailor it to meet your specific needs. Neemo Method workshops are extremely easy to participate in – all each participant needs is a phone with a camera.

Neemo Growth

Are you changing or exploring your company’s vision, mission and values? Neemo Growth is designed to develop strategy. It is also a good tool for making the leading team and team members stronger.

Neemo Soul

Are you facing a merger or big change and you need a tool to lead this change? Neemo Soul is a tool for you. It helps you to create new teams or merge teams into new ones. Neemo Soul will help your company and it’s teams to find common language and work culture.

Neemo Spirit

Your company is going strong ahead and getting new recruitments? Great! Neemo Spirit helps you to create trust on each other. Neemo Spirit process is an easy way to team up different personalities and create an open and effective work culture.

Neemo Listening

Neemo Listening is a great tool for difficult situations that every company or organisation most probably face during their path. Sometimes there is a need for a neutral and equal space to hold a fruitful dialogue. Neemo Listening gives an opportunity to talk through photographs, making it easier to discuss about problematic issues.

Neemo Artist

Are you changing or exploring your company’s vision, mission and values? Are you looking for better self-understanding and creativity within? Neemo Artist retreat gives you a safe and private environment for self-improvement. These luxury retreats are tailor-made and held in breathtaking surroundings in Finland. Neemo Artist includes Neemo workshops by Neemo Master coach Nanna Hänninen, as well as expert trainings in business development, creativity and well-being.

Creative workshopping with digital tool

Neemo Method workshop – creative thinking made easy with a digital tool.

You specify your focus and your Neemo coach will then plan the workshop with your goals in mind. There are usually two to three workshop meetings.

In the first workshop, your Neemo coach will introduce your team to artistic thinking. Then participants will perform specially designed photographic assignments. The whole group will have a dialogue based on the resulting photos. All this happens via Neemo digital tool – all you need is a phone and an internet connection.

After the last workshop, you will create a Neemo Method photographic road map that will serve as a concrete reminder of the results and the process itself. A few months after your workshop, you will have a Neemo Method workshop reflection session, where you will discuss the results and future plans.

We have found that the Neemo Method is extremely engaging. Participants continually process and think about the subject, theme, goal, and solution – both in and out of the workshop – yielding deeper and more thorough results. The Neemo Method creates an altogether distinct thought process for those who experience it, helping them to continually produce new ideas.

Photo from Neemo Workshop by Marja-Leena Laitinen

Opening creativity up to everyone

There is no right or wrong way to interpret the image of a dandelion growing between a pair of concrete tiles. To some of us, it represents courage and persistence. To others, beauty and soft values in the sometimes harsh corporate world.

Finding these differences of perspective is the core of the Neemo Method.

The magic of photographic art breaks communication barriers within a team. The Neemo Method is an open, equal, neutral platform for discussion – everyone has a voice. The method transcends barriers of age, location, language, culture, position, personality and background. Taking part is a unique and exciting experience – Neemo workshops truly motivate and engage your team.

A recent Google study showed that trust is the one key factor behind successful teams. Neemo Method workshops create open dialogue based on photographs, and one result is the development of trust, encouraging participants to share information and reveal tacit knowledge.

We believe that everybody can be creative in their work. We want to help you find solutions to your challenges and visualise them in a concrete form. The Neemo Method releases creative ideas and makes artistic thinking a critical part of your business development.

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"Best part of Neemo Method workshop was that we learned a new way of looking at and thinking about our business and processes. Neemo Method is at it’s best when you need to find a new perspective or a new premise for your business.
We got concrete results - photos - from the workshop, and we used them as we continued our development work further on. In the workshop I realized how differentely people understand and perceive visuality."

Mikko Hämeenniemi, CEO, Tekir Oy

"The Neemo Method helped us to verbalise the brand, mission and vision of our company. At the same time, the workshops succeeded in building up team spirit and enhanced our sense of community. For us, the method helped in considering the company's issues from a new perspective and perceiving abstract concepts concretely.""
Antti Haapakorva & Suvi von Becker, Talentree Oy

"I felt that the Neemo Method brought an entirely new and unprejudiced way of thinking to the way I act in a workshop compared to my previous experiences. The method helped me switch my brain and mind to work with a more multidimensional approach, discovering new angles to the topics of consideration.”"
Pekka Turunen, The Finnish Enterprise Agency, Kuopio Region

"The use of photographs made it possible to break free from the familiar and traditional way we deal with issues, which challenged us to describe an identity for public officials that we can be proud of. I can warmly recommend utilising Nanna's proficiency in any sort of development work where the aim is to open doors to something new!"
Virpi Einola-Pekkinen, Head of Development, Ministry of Finance

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